Startcon 2017 Annual Award Winners

Startcon 2017 Award Winners

The Startcon 2017 Awards saw more than 13,500 votes cast across seventeen individual categories that recognized startups, founders, VC’s and community leaders.

In this post we are going to provide a brief overview of those that came out on top and won an award, starting with Startup of the Year.

Startup of the Year Winner: WipeHero

WipeHero App

WipeHero is a Sydney based startup that provides on-demand car washing services. WipeHero was founded by Chemical engineer Farid Mirmohseni, 24, and mechanical engineer Reza Keshavarzi, 29 and has grown to employ about 30 people. The company also received a $100,000 grant from the NSW government as part of a program which aims to support potential high-growth, job-creating businesses.

Other nominees included: Jayride, HealthEngine, HomeTime, Stockspot

Technology Company of the Year: zipMoney Ltd

Zipmoney Image

zipMoney was founded in 2013 and since then has gone on to list on the Australian Stock Exchange.

zipMoney is a fintech that offers point-of-sale credit and digital payment services and according to their latest results is growing fast. The company reported revenue of $6.7million, which was up 722% for H1 2017, compared to the corresponding period last year. They also reported that they now have 120,000 customers.

Other nominees included: AfterPay, GetSwift, Atlassian, Campaign Monitor

Startup Journalist of the Year: Yolanda Redrup

Yolanda Redrup is a Journalist with The Australian Financial Review. Yolanda graduated with a Bachelor of Journalist from RMIT in 2012 and previously worked for Smart Company.

Other nominees included: Ricardo Goncalves, Cara Waters, James Ward, David Swan

Startup Investor of the Year: BlackBird Ventures

Blackbird Ventures Team

BlackBird Ventures are an Australian VC fund who have backed well known Australian Startups such as Canva, Autopilot, Edrolo, Culture Amp and Shoes of Prey (just to name a few).

BlackBird VC was founded by Niki Scevak and Rick Baker and state on their website that:

“We’re looking for the best. No cheque is too small. We love the hungry, not the proven. We’ll say hell Yes! Or No. Engineers should be everywhere. Only global from day one. No US copycats. No university spinouts. No Perth stockbrokers. No ‘Exit Strategy’ slides in your deck. No A-Holes. No gambling, no guns, no alcohol, no tobacco. Only red-blooded business models. With the relentless drumbeat of progress. Selling in 60 days. We’re agnostic to trends and themes.”

Other nominees included: AirTree Ventures, Right Click Capital, Reinventure, M8 Ventures

Startup Incubator (or) Accelerator of the Year: Tech Ready Women, SheStarts

The startup Incubator or Accelerator of the Year was a tie between Techready Women and SheStarts.

Techready Women

Techready women cover image

Techready Women is an 8 week accelerator program that is specifically designed to support, educate, grow and empower female founders from idea validation to MVP, and through to their first investor.

Their next intake is in February 2018 in February and they limit the number of participants to just 20 to ensure that all the Entrepreneurs can get detailed and actionable advice.


SheStarts is an accelerator program that aims to turbocharge female entrepreneurs who are looking to build big tech ideas.

They do this by providing:

  • Investment to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey
  • An in-house dedicated tech team to help build an amazing product from idea to launch
  • First class training in startup methodologies to grow your business for success
  • Access to the who’s who of global startup advisors and partnerships with some of Australia’s leading brands

Other nominees included:  INCUBATE, Startmate

Startup Founder of the Year: Millie Zinner

Motherhood App Founders

Millie Zinner is a Sydney based Startup Founder and Entrepreneur who co-founded Motherhood, an app that connects mothers and others in your area for trustworthy child minding.

Motherhood works to ensure that mums can have a strong local support network, so they can get to a yoga class,  run their business or pursue a new hobby, and even do their grocery shopping (child-free!)! All the while knowing their little ones are enjoying a playdate.

Other nominees included:  Larry Diamond, Jules Lund, Eden Shirley, Alexis Soulopoulos

Female Entrepreneur of the Year: Christina Chun

Christina Chun

Christina Chun is the Founder of 1Scope, a data driven platform that connects students aged 12-25 to the best opportunities in the world for free.

1Scope raised $1 million earlier in the year and has also secured partnerships with Microsoft, Wesley Mission and the University of New South Wales.

Other nominees included: Taryn Williams, Nicole Buskiewicz, Alexandra Young, Michelle Perugini

E-commerce Company of the Year: The Iconic

E-Commerce Company of the Year went to The Iconic, an online fashion retailer that launched in 2011. Since then they have become one of the largest fashion retailers in the country with more than 700 brands and 50,000 items in their range.

In under five years The Iconic has grown from a handful of employees, brainstorming the future of an unnamed online fashion retailer around picnic tables in Surry Hills, to a team of 400 talented, passionate and bold employees.

Other nominees included: Kogan, Vinomofo, Wine Stash, Cashrewards

Community MVP of the Year: Holly Stephens

Holly Stephens is the founder of Triangles, an organisation that helps women take their first step into entrepreneurship.

Since founding in May 2017 Triangles have trained 400 members on how to make their idea a viable business. To accomplish this they work with a large network of partners including Google, IBM, Startcon, Tank Stream Labs, TwoSpace, Techready Women, Academy Xi and CUB Business Club.

Holly also founded Spring Start Marketing, a startup focused marketing agency that can help with:

  • Brand and Communications Strategy
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Management
  • SEO & SEM
  • PR
  • WordPress build
  • CRM & Automation
  • Email Marketing & Referral Campaigns
  • Video & Photography

Other nominees included: Anne-Marie Elias, Jono Herrman, Pete Cooper, Duco van Breemen

Best Student Run Startup: Conexie

Conexie is a communications application that connects people around a central topic. It provides a collaborative environment where these individuals can communicate with one another until the topic is resolved.

Other nominees included: Student Feeds, V-KAIWA, Forever Network, MiniEpi

Best Startup for Social Good: CancerAid

cancer aid at Shark Tank

CancerAid is the number one cancer app in the US, UK and Australia and also secured one of the largest deals on Shark Tank in Australia after walking away with $500,000 in funding.

The app allows individuals to store all of their cancer and diagnostic information in one place, access medically accurate peer reviewed information and track and manage symptoms, medication and their effectiveness.

Other nominees included: RefugeeTalent, Hireup, StartSomeGood, WithYouWithMe

Best SaaS Startup: is a reg-tech startup that empowers subject-matter experts to build powerful enterprise-grade software without programming knowledge. Essentially they translate messy, unworkable regulation into a human friendly, results driven solution in the cloud.

They also managed to win the Startcon 2017 Pitch Competition.

Other nominees included: Haystack, Safe Ag Systems, Lexer, MediRecords

Best Mobile App Startup: Pocketbook

pocketbook cover image

Pocketbook is a fintech startup that was founded by Alvin Singh and Bosco Tan in 2012.

Pocketbook provides a centralised location that makes it easy to track, budget and save easily, and so far they have acquired more than 350,000 customers in Australia.

Other nominees included:  BRiN, Acorns, Clipp, Sparrow Flights

Best FinTech Startup: Simply Wall St

Simply Wall St App

Simply Wall Street helps investors make informed decisions by giving them access to institutional quality data and analysis that is presented visually to the user.

Simply Wall Street has acquired over 200,000 users and their signature “graphic” for providing quick and easy to understand analysis of a stock is known as “The Snowflake”.

Other nominees included: uno, Valiant, HashChing, MoneyMe Financial Group

Best E-Commerce Startup: Koala Mattress

Koala Mattress Startup

Koala Mattress is an e-commerce startup best known for flooding your Facebook feed with ads (just joking).

No seriously, they have achieved significant growth over the past year and have positioned themselves as the most well known mattress delivery startup in the Australian market.

Other nominees included:  Designerex, Hear Us Roar, Designbx, HART Home Decor

Best Co-working Space: Fishburners

Fishburners is a well known co-working space that started in Sydney and now has offices in Brisbane and Shanghai.

They have a strong focus on community and are a not-for-profit organisation.

Other nominees included: Tank Stream Labs, Hub Australia, Advance Queensland, TwoSpace

Best Bootstrapped Startup: iFlyFlat

iFlyFlat is a company that works with individuals in order to maximise the potential of their frequent flyer miles/points,

In particular, they help SMEs to $50m+ companies with a tailored credit card & frequent flyer points plan that cuts the cost of business travel.

Other nominees included: Chello, Task Pigeon, Sourcr, Invarosoft

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