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After a friend founder themselves wrongly accused of a crime they didn’t commit Alexandra Iseneggar set out to disrupt the legal industry.

Recognizing that most startups are bootstrapped and cash poor, Alexandra has focused her efforts there initially as she has built out Linkilaw, a marketplace for finding lawyers.

Please introduce yourself (any co-founders) and your startup?

Founded by Alexandra Isenegger, Linkilaw is the one-stop-shop for startups and their legal work.

It works as: a Legal Marketplace (‘linking’ clients to a network of specialised lawyers with the experience to handle their legal needs, whilst guaranteeing fixed fees for the work); and as ‘the legal platform for startups’ by using simple solutions with the in-house legal team and technology to deal with legal needs specific to startups.

How did you go from idea, to MVP and launch?

Linkilaw Image 1A good friend of the founder was falsely accused of stealing, and subsequently lost her working visa and right to stay in the UK. As a Brazilian maid that couldn’t speak English well, she couldn’t afford a lawyer to properly represent her and was unaware of her legal rights. She lost her livelihood and her right to stay in the country.

Not long after she was deported, the ‘stolen’ jewellery was found – but unfortunately it was too late.

To Alexandra, this was such an unfortunate injustice, and since then she dedicated her life to changing the legal industry from the inside out. After this, she began working at a City law firm, and came across many businesses which struggled with finding legal work, and then trying to afford it.

She saw that bootstrapped startups were suffering too at the hands of the archaic ways of the legal industry, just as anyone else who is short on cash and low on legal knowledge.

From here, Linkilaw (as a platform for startups) was born and launched last year.

What challenges did you face during this period and how did you overcome them?

  • Working whilst building a startup
  • Investing in social media to find the right clients, contacts and partners
  • There have been many hurdles, but Alex has continued to learn from her mistakes on the job and push forward

During this journey to build and launch your startup what is one thing you look back on with a sense of achievement?

Linkilaw Image 3

  • The first customer testimonial
  • Reaching 1 million views on Quora
  • Hosting our Linkilvate/roundtable events
  • Seeing the young team grow
  • Having a great relationship with former clients
  • Being selected to exhibit at events e.g. Web Summit, Startup Summit
  • Acquiring one of the most established legal marketplaces in the UK

Offer us one insight, tip, marketing strategy or growth hack that has worked really well for oyu and your startup?

Be social. Many people really underestimate the power of social media.

Be experimental and creative, and figure out what works for you and your business – then capitalise on it!

You learn so much with it, and it is a great tool for learning more about what your clients want and how you can give it to them.

How is your startup going and what do you aim to achieve in the next 3, 6, 12 months?

Linkilaw Image 2

In the next 3 months, we will have hosted an event for startups in London. Hopefully, this will become a series. Within the next 6 months, we will have released the first version of the Linkilaw app. Within the next year, we hope to see the integration of AI in our services. We’re very busy!

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