FluxFins – The World’s First Adjustable Fin

FluxFins is a Sydney based startups that provides a single set of surf fins that surfers can adjust. If you are not a surfer yourself, you may not know, but surfers generally have several sets of fins (all with varying levels of flex) depending on the conditions. By using FluxFins you only need one set of fins for any type of surf.

The company has recently launched on Kickstarter where they are seeking to raise $10,000 from earlier backers to product FluxFins and get them into the market. They already have a distribution agreement in place and can ship the product globally without any production delays. Unlike some other Kickstarter projects, this has been in development for years and is ready to launch.

Recently we were able to grab a few insights from Gary Irwig, the Inventor of FluxFins and Owner of PoINT Retail Australia.

Surfing is obviously a massive sport in Australia, but what got you started? Did you always grow up in and around the water?

Yes, I’ve always loved the water and the ocean. As a grommet I’d catch the bus to Dee Why Beach with my mates and spend every Saturday/Sunday there. It’s such a great lifestyle, healthy, fun, raw, and most importantly for a grom, cheap! It’d cost me a bus fare plus $1 worth of hot chips and that was me for the day!

I notice that you graduated with a Bachelor of Industrial Design from The University of Technology Sydney. Can you share a bit more about your career and how you were finally able to marry your love of surfing with your design background?

That’s correct. I have been passionate about design from a young age and worked as an Industrial Designer and Director for a number of product development, prototyping and manufacturing companies across Sydney.

Since 2014 I have been the Managing Director of PoINT Retail where we design, develop and manufacture high quality retail marketing solutions for global organisations.

FluxFins has been my passion project that as you say combines my love of surfing with my background in industrial design.

So what makes FluxFins so unique compared to what else is on the market?

FluxFins are the world’s 1st adjustable surfboard fin. You can adjust the flex of the fin with a fin key to suit wave conditions and your individual preference.

The surf industry is jam-packed with so many innovative and practical solutions, with so much R&D being invested into all sorts of new technologies. It’s hard to compete with that but this is a really practical solution to the challenge of varying surfer preferences and wave conditions, and ultimately will improve the effectiveness of your equipment.

What is your long term goal for FluxFins?

Like with any ground breaking product its not until it becomes the norm that everyone thinks “why didn’t I think of that”. I have put years of development into iterating on and optimising the design of FluxFins and we are finally really for launch.

I really believe this is the start of something massive, a shift in how we approach and interact with our equipment. We aim to give the industry a shake up and we want to see these fins improve the surfing experience for every surfer around the globe.

How much of a difference can FluxFins make for the average surfer?

They can really make a big difference. Just checkout the surfer reviews. There’s no surprise that a very minor change to the shape, size, flex of a fin can drastically affect the performance of a board, and can be suited to varying surfer preferences and wave conditions. Why should we be stuck with a certain set of fins in a single session when we can adjust them on the go?

Where can we learn more and get our hands on a pair of FluxFins?

Thanks for asking. We are launching on Kickstarter with 500 sets of Founder Edition FluxFins. The plan from there is that FluxFins will be available online and in all major retail surf outlets.


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