Air Events Global – Bridging The Gap Between Casual Workers & Business

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Air Events Global is a marketplace startup that is looking to solve the issue of short term and casual employment.

The problem is many students can’t afford to lock themselves into a set weekly or fortnightly roster. But they still need to earn money.

Businesses on the other hand don’t always have the need for regular staff. This is where Air Events Global comes in to play.

Please introduce yourself (any co-founders) and your startup?

Victoria Garlick, CEO and Founder of air events global. I have over 20 years experience as an Event Director and Event Management Lecturer.

Air events global is a shared economy platform for the events industry, connecting both sides of the marketplace. Clients looking to outsource event work with event freelancers looking for casual and contract work.

How did you go from idea, to MVP and launch?

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Air Events Global started like most businesses by target users experiencing a pain point and coming up with a solution.

The idea of air events global came to me as I was speaking with a group of event management students and a client about casual employment in the event management field. The students were discussing about how hard it was to juggle studying, part time work and their social lives.

They also spoke about how hard it was to find casual work when it suited them, they didn’t like being locked into a fortnightly roster at a retail outlet or restaurant.

The conversation then changed to the client saying how often they would love to have an extra set of hands at an event and how they could no longer rely on volunteers, as they often didn’t turn up or they didn’t have any ownership or accountability of their work.

It was a light bulb moment, as I realised that I could meet this need for both sides of the marketplace and thus, created air events global.

What challenges did you face during this period and how did you overcome them?

Our largest challenge was and is gaining credibility and trust within a shared economy platform. Building our client side of the marketplace took 2-3 months as we had to focus on showing them real examples through our social media campaign and direct marketing email campaign how successful the events have been.

We provided event staff for the Katy Perry secret Sydney concert and our event freelancers were featured in the media/press publicity after the event and this helped with maximum exposure and building brand awareness and credibility of air events global.

During this journey to build and launch your startup what is one thing you look back on with a sense of achievement?

We were contacted two weeks after launching from an Investor and invited to pitch Air Events Global. We created our Pitch Deck and presented to the investment team. Whilst they were not ready to dive deep on Air Events Global, they spent time talking through the business model with us and gave some very helpful feedback (that we have take on board) and executed within the business.

It was a great feeling to have the first pitch over and done with and to get such positive feedback from the investment team.

Offer us one insight, tip, marketing strategy or growth hack that has worked really well for oyu and your startup?

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Creating a social media audit and updating this daily has been one of our greatest strengths. It is very easy to see what posts worked, what posts were not so successful and as we focus on building our social media marketing strategy through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, this has been an invaluable source.

How is your startup going and what do you aim to achieve in the next 3, 6, 12 months?

Our main focus is to scale quickly and reach a global market within the next six months. air events global has a scalable online platform that simplifies the end-to-end event job process and provides a rich and valuable data platform, which we believe, is a strong competitive advantage.

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